First the use of gel in the skin:


The most important use of gel in the skin is in filling the small and deep wrinkles


in the laughter lines, in the eye contour, in the frown lines and for Cheek Augmentation (enhancement) , especially for the women who have thinner faces.


Important questions:


Does the injection of gel have any side effects?


It depends completely on the kind of the gel used. Gels that do not lose their effectiveness, show sustainability and the body does not react negatively to them, are superior.


For instance, there are gels that do not cause any harm for the first couple of months, but shortly after they turn into heterogeneous small balls under the skin and in this case taking them out would be a very difficult task. For this reason, it is highly advisable that the injection is carried out by a specialist and the clients should ask their doctors about the kind and brand of the gel used. There are highly credible institutions in the world that verify the quality of the gels made by various companies in different countries. These gels are being tested and are categorized as to their quality. Of course it seems complicated or rather impossible for the ordinary people to be wholly informed about the kinds of certifications and the quality of the products, and most of them have to rely on their own doctors .Doctors should be reliable and honest and introduce the kind of gel used. In fact, many doctors have such characteristics.


It should be mentioned that many gels produced in the European countries especially west Europe and the USA are safe. Especially those that are used in the same countries and enjoy their validity. However, there are problems that have nothing to do with the quality of the gels. These problems happen mostly because of the false techniques used in the procedure. For example if the spot is not disinfected properly or other conditions for a sterilized injection is not observed,


the infection occurs, which is however curable with a proper anti bacterial treatment.


There are other problems like swelling, inflammation, bruise and hematoma, but they are not considered as side effects and they are just probable reactions that the body shows to the act of injection. They are in fact common and can automatically heal. In some cases though topical ointments or a cold compress are prescribed and the healing happens within a few days.

دکتر فرهاد هوشیدری - کاشت موی طبیعی ، جراحی زیبایی ، پاک کردن تاتو در یک جلسه ، لیزر پوست و موهای زائد

دکتر فرهاد هوشیدری - کاشت موی طبیعی ، جراحی زیبایی ، پاک کردن تاتو در یک جلسه ، لیزر پوست و موهای زائد

Next question:


How long is the durability of the injected gel?


It also depends on the gel used. In the brochures inside the package, the durability is mentioned, but it may vary a few months from person to person. It is also important how to inject the gel. For example there is a gel called collagen or hyaluronic which should be injected in the mid layer of the skin; If they are injected too deep or too close to the surface (in the upper or deeper dermis) , or for example in the fatty layers under the skin, the durability of its effectiveness would be reduced considerably. In the summary, this period varies from 6 month to two years among the gel produced by valid companies.


It should however be mentioned that, if it is said that the durability of the gel is one year, the filling power would not be constant all over the year. After the 6 0r 7th month the gel becomes less and less effective till it stops fully at the end of the year. This also applies to the rest of the gels. The gel power to fill the zone depends on various criteria. First, it depends on the injection techniques applied, second it depends on the depth of the wrinkles and third on the volume of the gel injected. Usually the gels produced in valid countries are offered in 1 or 2 cc syringe. For someone with deep wrinkles around a 2 cc gel syringe is essential.

پرسش بعدی در مورد مدت تاثیر ژل تزریق شده است ؟

پاسخ : بستگی به نوع  ژل دارد در بروشور داخل جعبه ژل مدت اثر و در واقع ماندگاری ان زل معمولا بدرستی نوشته شده البته ممکن است دوام یک  ژل دریک فرد با فرد دیگر چند ماهی تفاوت داشته باشد . تکنیک تزریق هم تا حدود زیادی در دوام ژل  تزریق شده تاثیر دارد مثلا ژلی به نام کلاژن یا هیالورونیک است که باید در لایه  میانی پوست یا درم تزریق شود اگر خیلی سطحی تزریق شود و یا عمقی  مثلا  مثلا در زیر پوست مثلا داخل چربی زیر پوست تزریق شود دوام اثر ان خیلی کم  خواهد شد و بالعکس . بطور خلاصه  مدت زمات اثر انواع ژل ها با مارک های   معتبر ساخته شده در دنیا از ۶ ماه تا  ۲ سال متغییر است .

البته زمانی که گفته میشود تاثیر فلان ژل تزریق شده یکسال است به این معنی نیست که اثر پر کنندگی ان در طول یک سال کامل است بلکه معمولا در شش ماه اول تزریق پر کنندگی ان خوب و مثل ماه اول است ولی از ماه ششم و هفتم  و ببعد تاثیر ان کمتر میشود و تا پایان یک سال کاملا اثر ان از بین می رود.

در مورد ژل های دیگر هم همینگونه است همچنین  قدرت پر کنندگی  ژل ها به عوامل متعددی بستگی دارد  اول  تکنیک تزریق ـ  دوم   میزان چین  محل  اینکه عمق چین فردی که قرار است ژل تزریق کند عمیق است  یا  نه ــــ سوم  حجم میزان داروی تزریقی

معمولا ژل های ساخته شده در کشورهای معتبر در سورنگ های یک تا دو سی سی  عرضه میشوند  حال اگر کسی مثلا چین خنده عمیق دارد حدود دو سی سی ژل برای تزریق نیاز دارد .

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